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Porsche 917 LH #18

ref.: 132071/18M


In 1971 Porsche throws his LeMans winner title in.

Three cars in long version “LH” are entered including two by the John Wyer Automotive Engineering Team with Gulf liveries.

Car number 17 and car number 18 that is driven by Pedro Rodriguez, who also signed the pole position and by Jackie Oliver, who achieved the record time in race. No. 18 dominates the race but stops at 6 a.m., following the rupture of an oil pipeline that floods the cockpit.

But it is two Porsche 917K which end the race first and second.


Manufacturer namePorsche

Manufacturer model917 LH

BrandLE MANS miniatures


Race24 Heures du Mans


DriverPedro Rodriguez & Jackie Oliver


BodyPolyurethan resin

ChassisInjected ABS ref. GS1832-PI

EngineSide winder

RimsAluminum at the rear with M2 screws

Driven byPedro Rodriguez

NewAjustable fornt wheels axle

Datasheet Porsche 917LH 1971

Porsche 917 LH #18
Porsche 917 LH #18 Porsche 917 LH #18 Porsche 917 LH #18 Porsche 917 LH #18 Porsche 917 LH #18 Porsche 917 LH #18 Porsche 917 LH #18

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