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Renault 5 Alpine Gr2 n°12

ref.: GTS132003/12M


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R5 Alpine Gr2 appears for the first time to the Paris Autoshow in 1976. It is the sports version of Renault 5, born in 1972.

To create this racing version the wings have been enlarged, the front bumper has been adjusted to welcome additional headlights, the gas cap is also new, and there are additional safety locks on the rear hood and rain flaps. Moreover, the whole interior has been, there are roll-cage bars, two spare wheels replace the rear seats and the usual dashboard is replaced by a sport dashboard including trip-master (to calculate intermediary times).

The car number 12 is driven by the team Guy Fréquelin and Jacques Delaval. Unlike the team on car number 19, the two drivers have a "rallye" helmet. They end 3rd, just behind Renault 5 car number 19 of Ragnotti and Andrié, only three minutes after the winning Porsche. 

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Manufacturer nameRenault

Manufacturer model5 Alpine Gr2



RaceRallye Monte Carlo


DriverGuy Fréquelin & Jacques Delaval


BodyPoyurethan resin

ChassisABS injected


DriverGuy Fréquelin

RimsAlu rims on the rear with M2 screws

Datasheet Renault 5 Alpine Gr2 n°12 Monte Carlo 1978


Renault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - Monte Carlo 1978
Renault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - 3/4 front Renault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - left profileRenault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - right profileRenault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - rear viewRenault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - front viewRenault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - top viewRenault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - 3/4 front leftRenault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - 3/4 rear leftRenault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - top view 2Renault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12 - additional lights kitRenault 5 Alpine Gr2 #12, #19 & without number

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