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1991 - 2016

This year LE MANS miniatures celebrates its 25 years anniversary.

And yes, already 25 years that LE MANS miniatures forges links all over the world between customers, whatever they are collectors, or retailers or distributors, and all the models which were designed, made and sold with the passion of the good work. The number and the quality of all these exchanges gave us every day the desire to work to satisfy each of those who opened and will open the box of a model, a figurine or a LE MANS miniatures’ kit.

And yes, but only 25 years because 2016 will also be the year of the launch of new "products", on which, for some, we are working for a long time.

  • Just available; the first painted figurine of 200 mm high of “type LeMans start” driver, that is self-sufficient, but also can be placed near a model car, or, that can be personalized for becoming a reward or a trophy such like the bronze version, already available and manufactured on demand.
  • The series of 4 figurines for adults.
  • The static mini-cars in 1/18th scale


All these projects still require work so that we can reach the wished value for money which will satisfy the largest number, as we can notice it with your more and more frequent and numerous visits on our website.

It is the best way to be in contact with you, to inform you as fast as possible. This website is about to be completed with new features dedicated to the professionals who wish to accompany us in these new adventures. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook for day by day information.

Years after years, the success of our production is always so incredible. We envisage the new reedition of some golden oldies kits in 1/24th scale, which still is made in our molding workshop… of real "made in France" products.

And as every thing, mentioned above, is a little thanks to you. THANK YOU.

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