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Program 2023

The start of the year marks the beginning of the trade show and exchange season, during which manufacturers are used to reveal their new models program for the coming year.

Today is the opening of the International Toy Fair in Nüremberg, Germany. It also coincides with the Retromobile show in Paris.

We have always taken a trip to Nüremberg since LE MANS miniatures existed. Well this year, that’s not the case. The show no longer necessarily corresponds to the expectations of the partners in terms of commercial relations. Fewer and fewer retailers and professionals are going there. So we will be looking for other places and times to meet with our distributors and retailers throughout the coming year. 

But we will go on Friday as visitors to Rétromobile to maybe find information on future models to develop, find and visit some shops that are exposed there. If you would like to meet us there, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment.

As for the program, here is a first version. But until we deliver the models it will evolve, refine, be modified according to the difficulties encountered or not.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to establish a schedule in advance that we will be able to meet to the week. It is difficult to plan production and in particular to collect orders to know how many to make. This is why you will find here a forecast schedule precise for the next 2 months only. We are almost sure because the productions are already in progress. For the rest, the dates will be clarified as and when. The new references will be online very soon (today if all goes well) so that you can put alerts there.

As we still do not wish to flood our customers with e-mailed incomplete or contradictory information, the news posted on the site reflects the situation. The monthly newsletter is the safest way to know what will happen or what is happening. In addition, our Facebook and Instagram pages provide real-time information on more or less large events affecting the company.

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