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LE MANS miniatures new packaging for new project (last episode)

Next October, LE MANS miniatures will celebrate its 30th anniversary. We will not celebrate this anniversary as we thought at the Lohéac Autojumble which is cancelled.

Besides the standard program of slot miniatures and figurines painted at scale 1:18th, great things out of program are however in preparation and this could have been the opportunity to show you them.

  • Indeed, with the announcement of the release of the Bugatti type 59 on scale 1:18, LE MANS miniatures offers a nice gift by proposing for the first time a vehicle on this scale. Will it be the beginning of a new collection or a simple wink, the future will tell us.

In any case, all the company’s know-how has been used for many months now. The original choice of this mythical model, the 3 versions proposed, the level of detail, finishing, the original base, the packaging and the painted figurine that animates each miniature will hopefully seduce the collectors.

The packaging that serves as the box for this new project was also the subject of a collaboration with Erika Bienabé for the main illustration. Some may have recognized the illustration we used for the 2021 greeting card. We wanted a graphic in the spirit of the new 1/32th box (see episode 2) but in a shade of orange red warmer and in connection with the new paperboard box of our productions of kits to 1/87th, accessories and figurines (see episode 1)

The production of the first models is scheduled in November. Ideally it would be completed so that they can be put under the Christmas tree…

  • Next, the writing of a book that traces the company’s 30 years of existence is being written and layout.

It will be bilingual French English to touch a maximum of readers. It tells the life of the company over the years until the few months following its publication. It goals to explain the professions that have allowed LE MANS miniatures to continue, the evolutions and adaptations of these professions to the markets. Its lists all the models made by the brand since its creation and looks back on the journey of the men and women who worked there and left their mark.

It is illustrated with numerous pictures each memory of an era. Its evokes Benoît’s passion for his job, the meetings that allowed the company to prosper, the tops and flops, the joys and doubts, the good and the bad surprises. It is a work of memory that also requires a certain step back. Philippe Laville agreed to write this “anniversary book”. We have known each other for almost 20 years and the work he did in the past around the LeMans 24 Hours race (creator of the magazine LE MANS Racing) and the work he does today (Happy Sitiz) is a mix of what we want to show. The bond between us makes of him the ideal partner for writing and layout.

We have not yet set a release date. But the work is progressing well, a title is almost already needed, and we are very happy to announce that Jean-Marc Teissèdre has agreed to write the preface of the book.

Despite everything no need to say that next months will still be full of work and emotions that we will be happy to share with you.

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