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Ruan Manuel Fangio is an Argentine driver who dominated the car-racing of the 50s. His talent is such as he wins 5 Worldchampion titles with 4 different teams. In 1955, he makes a bracket in his Formula 1 season to participate in LeMans 24 Hours at the wheel of Mercedes-Benz 300SLR. Just running behind Pierre Levegh's carthat is at the origin of the terrible accident which killed 80 people, he narrowly escapes the drama. 

He is represented here in one of his favorite positions which we can observe on numerous original pictures, that is to say, hands on the hips and holding his helmet. We notice details of his watch. 

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Pedro Rodriguez

Pedro Rodriguez is a Mexican driver who from 1958 until his death in July, 1971 participated in all the LeMans 24 Hours events. Whether it is for Ferrari, Porsche or Ford with whom he wins his first and only victory in Le Mans in 1968 with the Ford GT40, his talent is indisputable. He pursued for a long time at the same time pilot's career of Formula 1 and endurance. He dies a few months before his rival and team-mate Jo Siffert on the circuit of Nüremberg. 

When he was not helmeted to race, we recognized him by the cap in tartan of Sherlock Holmes. We found relevant to represent him with this strange hat and his helmet in the hands as we were used to see him in the paddocks.   

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The career of the French racing driver Didier Pironi marked the spirits by its fulgurance and its diversity and the numerous friendships which he had bound within the automobile world.

He indeed ran for the biggest automobile marks of the 70s both in Formula 1 as in endurance: Tyrrell, Ligier, Ferrari Porsche or Alpine Renault. He takes away the most prestigious races among which the LeMans 24 hours in 1978 beside Jean-Pierre Jaussaud. In spite of the accident which stops clear his career in 1983 he is a vice-champion of the World of F1.

The most striking friendship is the one that he maintained with Gilles Villeneuve whom he meets at Ferrari: competitors on the track, faithful friends in the life until the death separates them when Villeneuve who wants to take his revenge on his defeat of San Marin kills during the qualifications of Grand Prix of Belgium in May, 1982 by wanting to beat Pironi.

After his racing driver's career is broken he dashes in 1986 thanks to Philippe Streiff into the offshore race. He kills at the wheel of his boat the Colibri ("Hummingbird") in August, 1987.

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