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Matra-Simca MS670 n°14

ref.: 132078M

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Only this Matra-Simca 670 n°14 of the 1973 24 Hours of Le Mans is missing to complete the saga initiated by LE MANS miniatures.

Here you are the fourth entered car by Matra in LeMans in 1973, produced in scale 1:32 and driven by Patrick Depailler. It did not finish the race  as it stoped after 85 laps but lead the race shortly during the 5th hour racing. Its body configuration with a short front nose, a long rear tail and a narrower wing gives it a special look and makes it different from the 3 other Matras numbers 10,11 and 12 MS670 B. 

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Manufacturer nameMatra-Simca

Manufacturer model670

BrandLE MANS miniatures


Race24 Heures du Mans


DriverBob Wollek & Patrick Depailler


BodyPolyurethan resin

ChassisInjected ABS

Driven byPatrick Depailler

Engine Side winder

Side winder spur ref. GS1832-PI

Weight98 g


Fiche article Matra MS670B n°14 LeMans 1973

Documentation Matra MS670B n°14 LeMans 1973

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