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Jochen Rindt

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Jochen Rindt was born on April 18th, 1942 in Mainz in but he is brought up by his Austrian grandparents in Graz where he makes friends with a certain Helmut Marko. They begin together in competitions of touring cars.

Between 1963 and 1965 he ventures on several automotive categories. He participates for example LeMans 24 Hours for the second time in 1965 and wins the race with the Ferrari 250LM car number 21. He makes his first F1 season in 1966 by Cooper who is bound with Maserati and finishes third in the World championship. He integrates Lotus team in 1969 and turns out to be deserving successor of Jim Clark, died the year before on the Hockenheim track.

Despite some disagreements with Colin Chapman Jochen Rindt continues by Lotus in 1970 and is even announced as favorite. On the 10 races he participates this year, he takes three times the pole positions and wins 5 times. He was killed during the practices of the Italy GP in Monza on September 5th at the age of 28. Jochen Rindt was far ahead and he would have been able to end the season in a masterful way. He is until now the only one driver to have been posthumously titled.

We chose to reproduce Jochen Rindt according to the posture he had on a Rainer W. Schlegermich's famous picture. Sat in a campsite seat, a cigarette in the hand and the bottle of soda which waits at his feet, he is talking to Colin Chapman, Team Manager Lotus.

Scale1 / 18

BrandLE MANS miniatures


RaceGrand Prix of Italy, Monza


DriverJochen Rindt



Supplied withthe campsite seat and soda bottle

Datasheet figurine Jochen Rindt 1:18 scale

Documentation Jochen Rindt


Jochen Rindt
Jochen Rindt, global viewJochen Rindt, with cigaretteJochen Rindt, soda at his feetJochen Rindt, 3/4 rightJochen Rindt, right profileJochen Rindt, front viewJochen Rindt, original picture

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Jim Clark is a Scottish driver from the end of the 50’s. Colin Chapman, Lotus team founder noticed him and offers him his first wheel in a Formula one car in 1960. He competed with success in all kind of races and categories (Hill Climb, Formula Junior, Formula 2, Tasman Series, Formula 1, Rally, Sport and touring cars, Indianapolis and even Nascar). He participated LeMans 24 Hour three times in 1959 with Lotus, in 1960 and 1961 with Aston Martin.

Within 10 years he built with Lotus one of the greatest carrier in motor racing. He won his first F1 World Champion title in 1963.

He is very appreciated by his competitors, whose names are Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, and John Surtees for examples. He always beat them fair and square. His driving style was a mix of smoothness and finesse and quick at the same time.

He died during a Hockenheim Formula 2 race on April, 7th, 1968.

The picture we took as basis for the sculpture process was taken in Indianapolis in 1967; by his side Colin Chapman, Lotus team Manager. Note the little balanced but personal position of Clark’s feet, he runs his fingers through his hair. It is just before the start, he gets ready, goggles around the blow he wears his helmet around the arm.

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When he was not helmeted to race, we recognized him by the cap in tartan of Sherlock Holmes. We found relevant to represent him with this strange hat and his helmet in the hands as we were used to see him in the paddocks.   

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