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Francis, wheel carrier

ref.: FLM132040M

Matra's season 1974 is under blue color because the main sponsors are Elf and Gitanes.  

Francis, the carrier of wheels, teams up with Dominique who unscrews them and screws them. It is a real ballet which the mechanics wheels offers us at the time of the changes of tires. For more efficiency, the one who carries wheels is not subjected to squeeze nuts, he already has to remove then put back the wheel in place and pass in the second then in the third then in the fourth...


Manufacturer nameMatra-Simca

BrandLE MANS miniatures


Race24 Heures du Mans




Collection Winter 2017

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Dominique, wheel mechanicsFLM132039M

Dominique, wheel mechanics

In 1974, the Matra team is not any more dressed in orange and yellow but in blue monochrome combinations highly decorated with sponsors on the breast and in the back. 

Dominique is again the wheel mechanics. He is kneeling and is equipped with the air gun to unscrew the nuts of wheel and re-screw them.

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Damien, one jack actionnerFLM132041M

Damien, one jack actionner

In 1974, the same Matra team returns to Le Mans, this time dressed in blue coveralls ; the colors of the team but also the new sponsors of the French brand, which are Elf and Gitanes.

Damien is the jack actionner of the team. He has to bring fast in and out the car when pit stop.

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Henri PescaroloFLM132030M

Henri Pescarolo

Henri Pescarolo is a French driver of Formula 1 and endurance races from the 1960's. He becomes a business man by creating his own racing team and car later in 2000 named Pescarolo Sport that becomes in 2010 Pescarolo Team and disappears in 2012. Henri Pescarolo holds the record of the number of participations in LeMans 24 Hours (33 times) and wins this mythical race with Matra Sport team three consecutive times in 1972-1973 and 1974 then with Porsche in 1984.

He is represented here in these beautiful years with Matra. Old then of around thirty years he still had all his hair; his green helmet was already his trademark. 

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René, right refueller Team Matra 1974FLM132033M

René, right refueller Team Matra 1974

In 1974, Matra team comes to LeMans 24 Hours with 2 consecutive victories. the team has now a good experience of the race and the organization is well-prepared.  

The whole team is now dressed in suits in Matra and Elf colors. Elf is the new oil partner of the team of the French manufacturer and blue is also the colours of a famous tobacco company which is official sponsor too. 

René is one of the two refuellers. He wears a plaid cap which is very fine. He is delivered with the oil pipe he holds in the hands.  

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Armand, left refueller Team Matra 1974FLM132035M

Armand, left refueller Team Matra 1974

In 1974, Matra takes back its own colors to dress its team. The blue is thus appropriate especially as it is adapted to 2 other main sponsors that are Elf and Gitanes.

Armand is the second refueller, track side. refueller gauche, côté piste. He carries the can of overflow gas that is delivered with the figurine. 

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